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General Questions

  1. What is special about the Hit Zone Tee?

    Others have created an air tee and received a patent on it, but they all did the logical thing! They used material, such as PVC plastic pipe, to deliver the air stream. As with the Tee, you hit it, you're going to knock it over or break it. We use a fabric sleeve to deliver the air. Your bat or racket hit it - no big deal - you'll swing right through it! Our idea was so unique, the U.S. Patent office gave us a good old patent on the Hit Zone air powered tee!

  2. What age group is the Hit Zone practice tee good for?

    The Hit Zone air tee is a great training tool for all age groups!  We have 2 year olds swinging away on it! At the same time, there are many traveling baseball and softball "A" teams who make the Hit Zone baseball air teea part of their training ritual.  On the other end of the spectrum, there are tennis players in their 80's smacking the ball on the Hit Zone tennis air tee! 

    With the younger children, as long as they can swing the bat, they are ready for the Hit Zone. With the younger kids, though, adult supervision is necessary to insure it's proper use.

  3. What type of outlet do I need for my Hit Zone Tee?

    A standard 110V is needed. The Hit Zone practice tee comes with a grounded cord. Use a grounded 3 prong extension cord. It is also very important that when using the Hit Zone outdoors, you use a GFI grounded outlet.

  4. Can I adjust the height of the ball?

    The stream of air coming from the Hit Zone HZ-1B is not adjustable, so there are a few easy ways to adjust the height of the ball.  The sleeve that comes with the Hit Zone air tee is 9 inches long. This height covers the typical strike zone for most people - from kids to adults.  You can also adjust the height of the balls by the type of ball you use. Different types of balls will float at different heights depending on their size and weight.

    It is fun to experiment!

    Lastly, we have also had coaches who place the Hit Zone practice tee on a sturdy box if they are doing drills and need the ball floating at a higher height.  The 4hp HZ - Model #B3-HZNBV - has a variable speed control that allows you to adjust the stream of air. This will allow you to adjust the height of the ball .

  5. What type of ball works best on the Hit Zone Tee?

    A number of light training balls work great on the Hit Zone practice tee! It's fun having a mixture of balls in the bucket! They often react a little different, giving you a different looking pitch.

    A sampling includes:

    Franklin dimpled pitching machine balls
    Don Mattingly pitching machine balls
    Sandlot dimpled training balls
    SKLZ Derrick Jeter 5-Tool Foam balls
    JUGS Lite-Flite Baseball & Softball
    Atec, Trend Sports, & SKLZ foam balls
    Plastic "Jump House" balls

    These are just a few!

    A standard baseball & softball will not work well with the Hit Zone. They are too heavy.

  6. What tennis ball works best on the Hit Zone?

    Tennis balls with the least amount of fuzz work the best. The Hit Zone is all about aerodynamics, so if a tennis ball is a little too fuzzy or has a ridge on the seam, it will tend to wobble and fall off. For best results, we recommend the foam training balls made by Gamma. They are very consistent! If you are a teaching pro and plan on using QuickStart balls, we recommend the 4HP Variable speed Hit Zone. You are able to turn the air down, allowing you to use a wider variety of training balls.

  7. What's the scoop on the sleeve?

    The sleeve is made out of a heavy duty Rip Stop nylon. It is very durable and made for outdoor use. Additional replacement sleeves can be purchased for $5 plus $1 shipping. Additional sleeves are available in our online store.

  8. Where is the Hit Zone Tee manufactured?

    Baseball is America's pastime, so it only seemed natural to manufacturer the Hit Zone in the USA! The Hit Zone unit is made in New York and the fabric sleeves are sewn in Minnesota.

  9. How much does the Hit Zone Air Tee Weigh?

    The Hit Zone is only 7 pounds! It packs a powerful punch, yet it is light and small enough to easily carry around with you! The 4hp Variable speed unit weighs about 11 pounds.

  10. What is your return policy?

    Please contact us within 7 days if it is not what you expected. We want you to be satisfied with your purchase! If you are unhappy for some reason or if something is not working properly, let us know and we'll do our best to make it right! If all else fails, we'll return your money.

  11. What is the Hit Zone Warranty?

    The Hit Zone unit comes with a 1 year manufactures warranty from date of purchase. The fabric sleeve comes with a 6 month warranty from date of purchase. If your Hit Zone is defective, we'll replace it! The Hit Zone has a strong steel housing, but don't make a habit of missing the ball and hitting the blower unit! The warranty does not cover a Hit Zone that has been damaged by leaving it out in the rain.

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