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ProMounds Professional 2-Piece Pitching Mound with Green Turf


ProMounds Professional 2 Piece Pitching Mound with Green Turf


Innovative 2 piece design that allws for this pitcheing mound to be extra portable, easier to use, to handle and to store away when not in use. It is a professional style pitcher's mound and manufactured using high-density foam. Includes Prmound's skid-proof technology that will not damage any gym floor surface.


- Mound has moveable pieces that allow the width of the mound to increase up to 6' wide

- Artificial turf covering is safe for cleats

- Pitching mound is lightweight with high strength construction

- Safe for outdoor-indoor play

- Custom interlocking system for stability

- Non-slip bottom

- Easier to store a 2 piece, then one-piece pitching mounds

- Size 4'W x 9'L x 10'H



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