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Premium Series L-Screen


Baseball & Softball Protective L Screens:

This is our wholesale line of Premium Protective L Screens for optimal pitcher safety during baseball and softball practices. The L-Screens have a 3' X 3' cutout, which offers more pitcher protection than the traditional 3.5' X 3.5' screens. Screens are popular sellers, offering excellent pitching drill protection, as well as enabling batters to "swing away" without worrying about hitting into their pitchers.


- Protective field screens are made of 1 5/8", galvanized and powder-coated green

- The nets are #36 Twisted, Knotted Nylon, including a rope border and are hand sewn at every mesh

- The L screen nets are a commercial grade product.

- Padding helps to protect the life of the frame (additional cost)

- The Wheel kit allows the L-screen to be easily moved around baseball & softball fields (additional cost)



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